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Managed Services for Healthcare

Business Problem

As an expanding global pharmaceutical, Allergan IS is responsible for hundreds of websites and enterprise systems, many of which have strict compliance requirements.

Their existing outsourced datacenter provider is not meeting their performance, agility and delivery requirements, so they are looking for new ways to meet their requirements.

Proposed Solution

AWS and Smartronix worked with Allergan to identify and migrate hundreds of public facing websites and supporting systems into AWS.

Following the migration, Smartronix was contracted to implement full managed services for the migrated websites, R&D and European services.

Smartronix worked closely with Allergan to tailor support plans matching their very specific requirements, with multiple levels of service.

Customer Impact

Allergan has successfully transitioned their websites into AWS and begun leveraging Smartronix managed services.

Due to the success of this migration, Allergan appropriated funding to begin a phased migration of other enterprise systems into AWS.

Allergan recently began merger activities with Actavis. Actavis is reviewing the success of this migration to determine suitability to expand AWS utilization into other areas in their enterprise.

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