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Whether moving one application, one workload, or an entire enterprise, or developing new services in the cloud for the first time, the Smartronix Cloud Assured Team can design and build innovative and scalable infrastructures to support unique customer needs.

Foundational Services

Security can't be added after the fact. Smartronix’s solutions plan for security and governance from the start. You can rest assured that our Cloud Assured team will deploy a secure, monitored, controlled, accountable, auditable environment from Day 1.

Infrastructure Optimization

Cloud offers powerful analogs to on-prem solutions but without the dimensional lock-in. Unused resources can be released with a click. Needed resources can be as easily provisioned. A large cloud infrastructure depends on periodic assessments of performance versus cost. Smartronix Cloud Assured gets you the right resources at the right price, and at the right time, every time.

Application Optimization

There are at least seven paths for moving a workload to the cloud. Considering hybrid architectures, distributed customers and employees, latency, and tier-coupling, and getting your application to perform across a network of dependencies can be challenging. Smartronix’s Cloud Assured team can help you achieve the perfect balance of availability, performance, and cost today, and then help achieve even higher levels as cloud and applications evolve.

Service Resiliency

Digital organizations cannot afford downtime, but technology is far from perfect. Smartronix’s Cloud Assured team builds solutions that deliver the 9’s you need at a price you can afford by applying best practices and leading edge deployment models to provide seamless continuity when something DOES break.

Regulatory Compliance

With more than 20-years of US Government contracting experience, health IT, and commercial enterprises, Smartronix is uniquely skilled to help you become and stay compliant with the regulatory framework you have. From HIPPA to FISMA to SOX to FedRAMP to PCI and more, our team can help you deploy compliant architectures, prevent them from drifting out of compliance, and ensure you have the documentation you need when auditors ask for it.

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