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​The cloud decision is made and the plan is in place, but your team is busy making sure today’s business continues running. Our team of cloud experts are here to turn your vision into a reality or increase the velocity in which you are already moving.

Hybrid Architectures

On-prem, hybrid, cloud, multi-cloud are nondiscrete points on a spectrum of possible architectures to fulfill your requirements. As a long-time operator of the largest and most secure intranets, as a leader in expanding government presence into hybrid architectures, and as the leading provider of high-profile, high-availability cloud-based services for commercial and government customers alike, Smartronix can help you with all of your IT solutions, regardless of where you are on the path to cloud, and which direction you are headed.

Cloud Automation

Smartronix doesn’t believe in doing things twice. If you need more than one, we use cloud automation and cloud orchestration tools to reduce costs, reduce deployment time, improve configuration management, and facilitate seamless, reliable operations. Using tools like CloudFormation, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, EC2 Config, and more, we can dramatically reduce the "hands-on" time. Less "hands-on" time means faster response with fewer mistakes.

CI/CD Deployment

Smartronix’s extensive background in software development, application development, content management, and cloud integration has made adoption of Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment and Agile methodologies essential. We use them internally, and can apply our deep skill set to helping your organization enjoy the benefits of these new paradigms without spending hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars learning and implementing them yourself.

Elastic Architectures

Cloud’s "pay for what you use, and only what you use" promise requires skills to fulfill. Most of our customers have legacy applications and legacy workloads whose lineage predates clouds by decades. Bringing them into the pay-go model is necessarily iterative and evolutionary, but Smartronix has done this for hundreds of workloads and customers.


An engineered solution with security and governance integrated from Day 1, that uses automation tools and monitoring solutions to ensure that what you designed is what you are running, is an "Operations-Ready" solution. Baselines, configurations, recovery plans, and troubleshooting processes are well documented, consistent, and available – so your workload can be consistently available at the lowest possible cost.

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