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​With more than 20 years of enterprise enablement expertise, including government, defense, entertainment, healthcare, energy, financials, and more, Smartronix can help you create or evolve your IT strategy to not only take advantage of cloud today, but to build an innovation center of excellence that will help you evaluate, adopt, and deploy future technologies as well.

TCO Modeling and Analysis

Any significant business change, including cloud, is often predicated on a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Return on Investment (ROI), or Business Case Analysis (BCA) of alternatives. Smartronix’s background working across diverse enterprises, our long experience with cloud solutions, our deep-dive assessment and inventory skills, and our continuous improvement and optimization methodologies mean we can quickly and accurately identify the key cost components of your current implementation, project as-is expenses, and produce detailed analyses of alternatives. Our TCO Modeling includes not just the cost of compute and storage, but a true representation of the actual or industry-typical costs of all of the components in our IT portfolio.


Foundational AWS Strategic Transformation (FAST) is our structured methodology for helping your organization understand, adopt, and use cloud technologies to achieve your goals more quickly, more reliably, and more cost effectively. FAST is a five step process, where steps 1, 2, and 3, often completed in about 3 calendar months. Learn more about FAST and how it can help you.

Service Catalog Development

Service Catalogs simplify access to cloud resources. They present lists of services users are authorized to request (virtual desktops, cloud storage, development sandboxes), collect the associated data (cost centers, statements of purpose, business justifications), and execute the organization’s approval business process. The provisioning (and deprovisioning) of approved workloads is handled by a variety of orchestration solutions which ensure resources are constrained to those approved, tracked, secure, compliant with policy, and tightly managed throughout their lifecycle. Smartronix can help you identify what your catalog should contain based on your organization’s industry, maturity, and constraints, help you build the supporting business processes, and deliver state-of-the-art tools that automate and accelerate service delivery.

Technology Insertion

Safe and durable incorporation of new technologies depends on a repeatable process that can assess both the readiness of the technology and the readiness of the organization. In the 1980s, NASA developed a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) model that is both comprehensive and flexible enough to be applied across a variety of industries, including information technology. Combining the principles of TRL with iterative integration methodologies (sandbox, dev, q/a, production) and cloud capabilities, Smartronix has a structured approach to helping our customers evaluate and insert new technologies with minimum risk.

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